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About Anu & Murali

We believe that the majority of trainees do not need to attend any CSA course to pass the exam. Yes- we know, it's not the best way to advertise our services.


There is no better practice than your clinic and practicing with different colleagues. However for most people, the biggest hurdle is YOU, NOT YOUR KNOWLEDGE! We know this! We have seen so many trainees who have great consulting skills but panic on the day and do not demonstrate their true potential.



We sat the CSA in 2010 and 2014. Despite attending the traditional CSA courses we did not feel they helped us pass. However picking up and adopting good communication skills from others and learning to over come our anxiety did.


Bearing this in mind we started creating CSA videos which have been watched by thousands of clinicians worldwide.   These are not a blue print on how to do a case but to show you no one is perfect, everyone consults in different ways and there are lots of good things you can pick up from different clinicians. With costs soaring for the exams and revision courses we have been providing affordable CSA courses since 2016. We have helped hundreds of registrars reach their potential.


We hope if you decide you need that extra bit of help, we can do the same for you.


Dr Anuradha Muniyappa


Anu qualified from the University of Birmingham and after completing her GP training started working in the West Midlands. She has always been keen on teaching and has helped convert her practice into a training hub. She has also been  involved with workforce development and up-skilling of various health professionals. She is a Medical Student trainer for the University of Birmingham, a GP recruitment assessor and a GP trainer

Dr Murali Muniyappa


Murali started his medical career at Imperial College London where he achieved his BSc in Management with Medical Sciences as well as his medical degree. Throughout his career he has been passionate about teaching and has always been willing to impart advice where ever he goes. Having passed the CSA exam in recent years, he has not only had first hand experience of the exam in its most recent format, but is also aware of the hardships required to pass a challenging examination.

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